Very few education professionals in the Australian Vocational Education and Training sector can match Marcus Sellen’s expertise and insights in the arena.

Marcus is an experienced Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer with over fifteen (15) years leadership experience in vocational instruction, design and delivery. His extensive skill repertoire has been carefully nurtured and is complemented with his prior engagements as a facilitator, instructional designer, compliance manager, sales and marketing driver and people and culture leader.

From humble beginnings, Marcus has successfully started and operated his own Registered Training Organisation. Having recently exited from his operational responsibilities, Marcus has launched his next venture, his own consultancy focusing on supporting RTO’s with, but not limited to, their Sales, Marketing and Compliance functions.

Marcus is well versed in governance and executive leadership. His comprehensive understanding of the industry is informed by prior practical, hands on experience. Marcus can quickly establish and drive strategic goals and objectives for his client’s organisation. His expertise includes strategic planning, organisational change, monitoring performance, achieving KPI’s and ruthless focus on the financial drivers and performance of his client’s organisation. His success includes over twelve years of successful and profitable trading; securing government and corporate fee for service contracts; recognition for quality and compliance initiatives and the introduction of private equity and new capital. Marcus is a capable and charismatic leader, who along with his associates, will add value to any RTO seeking assistance.